Interior Lining All Models


  • Spruce up your old tired model with a new interior!
  • Different colours available
  • All makes and models available
  • Available with shipping, or we can fit it for you!


We are able to get a wide variety of different interior linings for all models and ages of Freedom Caravans.

The most common colours are beige (this is the new colour that you will see in our current new caravans) and grey, a slightly older style.

If you wish to purchase yours through the website please leave a note with your order, detailing which model you have and which colour you would like.

If you need any further information then please just pick up the phone and call 01889 88 30 88 and speak to Tom in parts.

We can also fit your replacement lining for you if needs be, typically pricing is 10 hours labour @ £45 per hour plus VAT.  However please be aware that this is only an estimate and each job is different.  If in doubt please call.