Tyron Bands – Flat Tyre Protection


Tyron Bands can lower your insurance and offer the following safety features:

  • Provides a temporary run flat allowing you to pull over safely during a blowout or flat.
  • Provides added stability, braking and cornering during a blowout or flat.
  • Prevents damage to your wheel rim during a blowout or flat
  • Price includes Fitting at our


Tyron Bands are a safety feature fitted to a huge range of vehicles such as:

  • Caravans
  • Cars
  • Race Cars
  • Emergency Service Vehicles
  • Armed Forces Vehicles

Tyron Bands consist of two steel bands which prevent the tyre from slipping into the well during a blowout or flat.  Tyron Bands can lower your insurance and save lives!

Price includes fitting and VAT on a standard set of 13″ wheels.

14″ also available, please call 01889 88 30 88 after placing your order to book an appointment or if you just need more information, don’t hesitate to ask!

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