Reich Easy Driver Motor Mover


  • Effortlessly position your Freedom 
  • Suitable for all models
  • Manual & Auto Engagement Options
  • Includes UK Mainland Postage and Packaging


Reich Easy Driver Motor Mover with Fitting Plates, suitable for all Freedom Caravan models

Thanks to the design of our own custom plates, you can now have the convenience of a motor mover on your Freedom Caravan.  These are the only motor movers that we certify for use on Freedom’s due to the excellent build quality of the Reich units and, most importantly, we can guarantee that they fit.

Easy Driver Basic 1.8 (Manual Engagement)

High quality and with good ground clearance, the Reich Easy Driver 1.8 is the manual engagement version of the Reich motor mover that we fit to Freedom Caravan models and it couldn’t be easier to use.  Using your existing leg winder you engage the knurled rollers with the tyres of your Freedom, then simply switch on the isolator and you can use the supplied remote or smartphone app (requires optional app controller) to position your Freedom millimetre perfect.

Easy Driver Pro 1.8 (Auto Engagement)

The same great build quality as the basic model, but with more ground clearance and no need to use a leg winder to engage the mover, a simple press of the button on the supplied remote or smartphone app (requires optional app controller) does it all for you.

All Reich Easy Driver Motor Movers come with a 5 year warranty

Fitting is available, please contact us for details

Additional information

Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 174 × 41 × 48 cm

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